Sunday, August 7, 2011

white chiffon and gorgeous necklace

Chiffon dress by the brand double zero and lia sohpia gold necklace which i love which was ordered from the latest lia cophia catalog. i love this outfit, its so flowy and looks super expensive. hope you guys enjoyed my outfit and off i go to the mvies

Monday, August 1, 2011

safari airport chic 08012011

So i just arrived from my 5 day vacation at florida where i met my boyfriends grandma. I wore this safari inspired outfit that has been sweeping the fashion nation to come back to new jersey. I wore a linin suiting outfit from Bebe, gold bebe watch and cork colored sam ederman shoes.

bayside florida embellishments =)

Im wearing this gorgeous dress which embellishments of midnight blue, silver and black which  i got from BEBE($180), off course i get my employee discount so it wasnt as expensive. I love this dress everytime  i wear it i get tons of compliments. It was such a sunny day, i was sparkling diva in the spot light. I wore my micheal kors bag and sam ederman sandals which i got for a bargain at tj max.