Monday, July 25, 2011


                                                              TRIBAL DIVA! 

whats up ? well im doing another outfit of the day, i want to post every days outfit so i can give my viewers plenty of options and also to try not to repeat outfits. im forever repeating outfits bcuz i love them but then i get new things and they just stay in my closet. So i wanna try to wear All my clothes.
Kim actually dressed it up more than i did but i can easily pair black wedges, cat eyed sunglasses, clutch,hoops,bangeles,belt and just put my hair in a pontyail. I might try to copy the look next time i wear it plus i like to wear diffrent looks such as mix and matching or adding diffrent things.
 Tribal has been such a big trend this year, ive seen it from forever 21 to BCBG. Well this skirt i got from forever 21(new) in their little tribal section. I paired the skirt with a black tank which was only $4.80, what a bargain and i've also seen my homegirl kim k which a similar outfit which was a diffrent, more casual look for her. I was going to the eye doctor, since i just had LASIK eye surgery, 7 days ago. AMAZING! 20/20 =) well i just threw it on, super casual and super comfy. As for shoes, sam ederman again, tell me how my co worker paid 150 dollars for those sandals at bloomingdales. I got them at TJ MAX 39.99, bargain shopper, yes i

Im so excited im actually getting blog views ! WOOP WOOP! getting some viewers and its actually tripled from the first day i started doing this which was like 3 days ago =p


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