Sunday, July 24, 2011

White turquoise and cork sandals

                                                                BLUE POWER XD
 So its all about Blue today ladies ! Today i had to go to work and i decided to wear this white v neck dress and a nude and turquoise belt.

bebe white dress, sam ederman shoes, silver bebe bangles, diamond stud earrings.

                                    MINI STORY HOW MY AWFUL DAY WENT SUNNY SIDE UP :)
 Today i kinda woke up on the wrong side of the bed i mean couch. I have 5 bedrooms in my house and tell me how all of dem are full. I am dominican and im have family over. My grandma lives in new york, she hates coming to new jersey cuz in her house she kan have her feet up in those inclined chairs. So my grandma took my room and i couldnt sleep there cuz wth my grandma snores. my brother was being such a doosh and wanted his friend to sleep on the couch. When he clearly knew grammy was sleeping in my bed cuz my cousin and aunt are in the guest room.  I Hate how its always me that has to Sacrifice beauty rest and being comfortable but no one else in my family could. Like why isnt my mom or dad sleeping on the couch. oh iight cuz that would be MESSED UP! whatever im over it but back to  the outfit
loll i was soo excited to put it on. my upper half looked so gewd and im not even big chested. I guess it was cuz the dress was tight. I think belts give such UMPH! I did so well today at work, even though when i been going to work i havent been feeling comfortable. i just say hi to this girl at work and she just ignores me . POO :_(. i know and that just gets me in a sad/ uncomfortable mood bcuz i expect everyone to like me, so i guess my excitement to go to work just goes down the drain. Its not even that but i try for people to feel good around me and be like wow she is a really cool chick or extremely friendly.

So my numbers at work were disgustingly low and im not gonna blame THAT chick, its my fault. I am one of the best stylist and salesmen at my job but as the summer has been coming . PEOPLE DONT COME TO THE MALL =( making my paychecks, very sad. but Today i was full of confidence in my new outfit and uu will be too. White, nude, and turquoise stones and so summery. Well the power of the outfit helped me COME UP! and make LOTS AND LOTS of MONEYS =) check out my numbers, i know show off but i say ACCOMPLISHMENT  and power of the BLUE. P.S I also had blue nails.

DOLLAR PER HOUR WOO. 500 dollars ayyyaaiiii

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