Friday, July 22, 2011

tye dye summer fun =)

So yesterday 7/21/2011 I wore this cute kardashian dress that has been sitting in my closet for the pass year since there collection came out. Kim, herself as even worn the dress and i adore their style. I work for the company BEBE and i love working there. Thing is which is so fricken gay we can only wear colors that are in the store, for example i cant wear army green if its not in the store. So we just got in this tie dye dress in the store. I completely sold all of dem wearing the tye dye kk dress.


The dress we have is soo cute, its only $69 dollars . Tye dye i think gives you a funky, adventurous feel. Hope you guys like =) i love this whole blogging thing, i love looking at other girls blogs and tell you guys things that go through my mind.
I have noticed kim wears alot of bebe, as soon as i see something that looks so good on her perfect body, i always dont have an "eye" for it. I'll buy it with my employee discount and i always get tons of compliments. you can prolly get this dress on ebay if still available but soo god darrnnn OVERPRICED much?

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